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UP and Coming Agri

The children are the future, but how well do they know the in’s and out’s of agri? 17-year-old Greer Baldwin, an Agribusiness student at St Paul’s Collegiate in Hamilton, sat down with us to give the inside scoop. Despite not growing up on a farm, Greer has been around agri her whole life. Her Mum,

Triumphant Tracking

What happens when you combine a notebook, hundreds of hours sitting in a tractor and staff members that are kilometres apart? A software concept, of course. Andrew Humphries, like many other Kiwis, has spent his share of cropping seasons in Australia. Sitting in his tractor for hours on end, Andrew’s frustrations arose when the transfer

Merino Lamb – Beyond The Wool

A unique product with a very exclusive supply, Cardrona Merino Lamb is bringing the pride of the high country to their local restaurants and markets. Merino lamb is nothing like your regular chop. The sheep are grazed on the Central Otago high country, on a diet of mainly native grasses. The combination of a unique

Roaring Raukumara

Adam Finlayson has a job of great responsibility – bringing a taste of the wild East Coast bush of the Raukumara ranges to the plates of restaurants all of over the country. Adam and the team at Raukumara Red have turned a passion and a hobby into a worthwhile business supplying wild venison. After a

From the Capital to Cultivating

A warm smile and enthusiasm are two things Leander Archer brings to the table in buckets. With a passion for food and science on her side, the decision to study a Bachelor of Agricultural Science majoring in Horticulture at Massey University was “simple and logical” says Leander. Leading the pack from the get-go, her choice

Cilantro Goat’s Cheese

What happens when you combine two scientists and a cheese-making Christmas gift? A business idea, of course! Jenny and Monica of Cilantro Cheese specialise in goat and sheep’s milk cheeses. The pair were both working at AgResearch until seven years ago, when circumstances meant less time at work and more time getting out the cheese-making